Thought-provoking words

The other day, I have read an article about a woman, suffering from braintumor for 8 years. It recrudesced again and again. Yesterday was her recent surgery. I don’t know anything about her current status, but I really hope that everything is ok with her. By the way, I am thinking about these things right now.

Sometimes I’m crying over little things, which seems to be big problems for me, but they are not really. What about you? Stop for a minute and think about it. I should be happy that I’m healthy, I have roof over my head, I have food to eat, I have clothes to wear, there’s heating in our house, I have a family and friends, I have the opportunity to attend school and study, and all these things might seem average now, but they are really essential facts, and yes, I’m happy that I can tell these things about my life.
Many people are lying in the beds of the hospitals at the moment, and they are suffering from different diseases, they are in the operation room and surgeries are performed on them, and they can’t have their family around them. Adults, and kids equally. The young kids, who barely lived, and maybe they won’t have chance to live.

It’s the terrible truth, and it makes me sad. And I know that these people don’t want to receive sorry, but I feel sorry for them. And I want to help them somehow. I know I’m young and I can’t redeem the world, but I’ll find the way to help, because I want! At least, I want to contact some people, and encourage them…


Dedicate yourself and you gon’ find yourself!
be the change, restore the faith in humanity


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