1 Day Left!

It was a really busy day, but everything went better than expected.

Attending birthday party – done.

Learning the coreography – done.

Packing my suitcase – under control. haha

Sooooooo.. Tomorrow I have to wake up early in the morning. I’m gonna pack my suitcase, and about noon, we’ll go to the railway station. I’ll travel to Budapest with train. When I arrived, we’ll go to Lili’s and we’ll pack our stuff to one big common suitcase. But of course we can have a little baggage too which we can keep with ourselves on the airplane. When we have done everything, then we can relax. Then we will go to bed soon. Because our plane leaves on tuesday, early morning, so we have to wake up about 4:00 am. I guess we will be so excited, that we won’t sleep.

I mentioned that we will be excited. You may ask why? Because our old dream was to go together to this beautiful city, and now it comes true. WE WILL GO TO LONDON TOGETHER. Amazing! We were planning this journey for a long time, we were saving money, and now you see, it just happens to us that we have the chance to go there and have an amazing week there. (Of course we won’t be alone. Miki, thank you in advance for everything.)


I’ll write posts of my phone, if I can or I have the chance. As for the hungarian readers, I’ll write the stories in hungarian too. I’m so excited. Gotta go now, good night everybody. Oh, I almost forgot:



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